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Hyundai/Kia Fully Adjust. sound BOV/Diverter Respons TMS [GFB]

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GFB Product Code: T9011


Give YOUR Kia Or Hyundai The Sound You Want, And The Performance To Go With It!

The Respons TMS valves take the Hybrid dual-outlet concept a step further, featuring our patented Sound Adjustment System. This unique feature allows you to infinitely vary how much air is recirculated or vented to atmosphere, like a volume control. Simply by twisting the adjustment ring, you can change the sound of your BOV from silent to ear-shattering, or anywhere in between.

With over 20 years in the business of designing and manufacturing bypass and blow-off valves, GFB have learned a thing or two about managing boosted air, as well as the difference between a good blow-off valve, and a great one! Quality and performance are built into all GFB valves, which is why these products are backed by a lifetime warranty and offer the best possible throttle response and boost holding that any bypass or blow-off valve could deliver.

Unbeatable quality, direct bolt-on fit, exclusive sound adjustment system, lifetime warranty, AND a performance benefit – that’s what we mean by:

Performance Without Compromise

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Manufacturer code: T9011