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Subaru Impreza GC8 99-00/Forester 98-05 Deceptor Pro TMS GFB

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GFB Item Number T9500
In-car volume-adjustable blow-off valve!
A WORLD FIRST in blow-off valve technology, the Deceptor Pro is based on the patented volume adjustable Stealth FX blow-off valve, but advances the design even further, featuring an industry world first: electronic proportional in-car adjustment of blow-off valve volume! It is no longer needed to cruise the street with a permanently noisy blow-off valve; The Deceptor Pro lets you choose when and where you are noticed!

New TMS Turbo Management System: Don't throw your BOOST away but INCREASE IT BY up to 40%. GFB's Turbo Management System (TMS) parts offer multiple performance benefits over factory diverter valves. We looked at the concept named ‘blowoff valve’ and took this to a whole new level!

The benefits:
• MORE POWER - Ours Holds Boost, Can Yours? Factory diverter/blowoff valves are commonly known to leak or fail, especially with age or higher boost levels. A GFB TMS will hold as much boost as you can throw at it, 24/7 - No frequent re-builds or replacement required.
• BETTER RESPONSE Through reduced turbo lag - The GFB TMS is designed specifically to minimize lag - tests show that it can return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter when shifting gears, while delivering up to 40% more transitional boost.
• BETTER DRIVEABILITY - Smoother than stock. Factory diverters tend to operate fully open or fully shut. This can cause annoying surging at freeway speeds, requiring constant throttle corrections to hold steady speed. The GFB TMS completely eliminates this problem, making the car smoother to drive.
• GET THE SOUND - OR NOT - It's your choice! Want noise? GFB patented Respons succeeds where others have failed! By adjusting the venting ratio of atmosphere/recirculation, you CAN achieve a sound WITHOUT throwing a CEL (Fault code in ECU), running rich, stalling using more fuel or causing other problems commonly associated with atmospheric-venting valves.

What makes the DECEPTOR PRO TMS a better Blowoff Valve?
• Remote in car control, proportional volume control; from silent to loud, or anywhere in between
• Modern, compact in-car BOV volume controller with backlit dial
• Volume adjustment mechanism driven by a high-torque geared electric motor
• Durable, low-friction gear train supported by precision sealed ball-bearings
• Supplied with all parts necessary to have it up and running quickly and easily
The Deceptor Pro also includes trademark GFB design features:
• Ertalyte™ piston ring – maintains the integrity of the vacuum signal
• Acetal™ piston seat – positive seal under boost, and a maintenance-free long life
• Lightweight piston, for fast valve response
• 360º rotating vacuum nipple – for neat installations
• Low profile, user friendly spring adjustment mechanism – no tools required

This kit includes everything to install it on the mentioned car. This is not a universal set, but made to fit the specific car!

This blowoff valve can be changed with several accessoiries. This is all optional, if you order the blowoff valve it already includes a set of inlet/outlet adapters etc. You can change inlet size, outlet size and springs/trumpet:
• Inlet:
218025 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Hose Adaptor Base 20mm
218026 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Hose Adaptor Base 25mm
218027 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Hose Adaptor Base 30mm
218028 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Hose Adaptor Base 33mm
218029 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Hose Adaptor Base 35mm
218030 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Pipe Mount Base 38mm
• Outlet (recirc):
218021 - Mach1/Respons/Deceptor Recirc Hose Outlet Adaptor 20mm
218022 - Mach1/Respons/Deceptor Recirc Hose Outlet Adaptor 25mm
218023 - Mach1/Respons/Deceptor Recirc Hose Outlet Adaptor 30mm
218024 - Mach1/Respons/Deceptor Recirc Hose Outlet Adaptor 33mm
• Trumpets/Springs/Plugs etc:
218035 - Mild Steel Weld-on Adaptor 1 Inch
218042 - Screw-in Plug Blocks Off Recirc Or Atmospheric Outlet
218045 - Soft Replacement Spring
218037 - Stainless Steel Weld-on Adaptor 1 Inch
218039 - Stainless Steel Weld-on Adaptor 38mm/1.5 Inch
218044 - Standard Replacement Spring
218043 - Standard Replacement Trumpet
218031 - Universal Hose Plug 20mm [GFB] - € 8,00
218032 - Universal Hose Plug 25mm [GFB] - € 8,00
218033 - Universal Hose Plug 30mm [GFB] - € 8,00
218034 - Universal Hose Plug 33mm [GFB] - € 8,00
218040 - Respons/Deceptor Pro Whistling Trumpet Over 12Psi
You can order these adaptors on our website.

More information on how a blowoff valve works can be found here:

Basic installation instructions can be found here:

Youtube video about the TMS valves:

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Manufacturer code: T9500